My website ( is about me and my passion/obsession of the fictional character NEYTIRI created by James Cameron.Neytiri is my world ,my life and my future. I am one of the world's biggest fans if not the biggest. I have done many interviews, had many articles written about me in a lot papers from around the world also been  on the radio a few times talking about my obsession of Neytiribut the best one is i have a few photos in a magazine. My truck is fully decaled with photos of her and over the past few years I've been working on a full body inking of the Na'vi stripping along with many portraits of Neytiri on the up half of my body.I have invested a lot of time money and pain into my Avatar adventure. My site is full of memories--photos, radio chat, articles and many collectibles plus much more . I hope you like my site, share with others and if you would like to comment or ask me anything my contact info is in the site as well.

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